About Us

CB Power and Industrial Equipment Sales is a manufacturer’s representative corporation that has been sourcing and servicing  new, replacement and spare parts of industrial equipment in Southwest Ontario for over 50 years. Our installations can be found in all general industrial plants.

Neil Fraser P.Eng.Neil Fraser is a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario who started his career as a metallurgical engineer for a gold smelting company. Realizing the real gold was his ability to solve challenging technical problems he specialized in project management and cost saving optimization projects for complex industrial processes.

Jim Wywrot P.Eng.Jim Wywrot is a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario. His strength lies with selecting and applying products related to power generation and environmental control strategies and equipment.

Jim’s breadth of experience helps in his ability to look at problems from many sides and build into his selections, solutions that meet and address multiple needs.

If you need expert advice on the application of regenerative, catalytic or direct fire thermal oxidizers, leverage the 50+ years of combined engineering experience CB Power and Industrial. We’ll be happy to promptly assist you in finding the perfect solution for your unique manufacturing processes.

As well, you receive the full service treatment from Pro-Environmental, who will design, manufacture, operate, maintain and repair your air pollution control systems.

Industry Applications

Printing Converting and Coating Operations
Flare Gas Incineration
Wood Product Manufacturing
Chemical and Refinery Processes
Painting & Finishing operations
Baking & Food Processing
Production of Composites
Semiconductor Manufacturing

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