Direct Fire Oxidizers

The HAZ-OPS direct-fired oxidizers operate within a wide temperature window (1400°F up to 2000°F). The robust design allows for frequent shutdowns and can do this reliably with no damaging effects to the equipment.

As with our other RTOs and TCO’s we can achieve 99+%destruction rates of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and/or HAPs (hazardous air pollutants).

Varying temperatures and air flows are handled easily providing a lot of flexibility.

With a DFO use of a heat exchanger to recover the heat is recommended and to deliver a quick payback.

Turner Envirologic DFO can be used as a full back-up unit to a primary emissions control system to provide zero downtime and 100% production time.

Key Characteristics – Direct Fire Oxidizer (DFO)

  • 1400-2000°F operating temperature

  • Handle Varying Temperature and Flows

  • Up to 99% destruction efficiencies

  • Secondary energy recovery is available for process heating

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