Recuperative Oxidizers

Turner Envirologic, Inc. provides cost-effective emission control equipment for a variety of applications to comply with your specific regulatory emission standards

Key Characteristics – Recuperative Oxidizer (RTO)

  • 1450°F operating temperature

  • Shell and tube heat exchanger

  • Up to 99% destruction efficiencies

  • Up to 70% thermal energy recover

  • Secondary energy recovery


Skid-mounted, shop-assembled and shop-wired, Turner’s thermal recuperative oxidizer is easy to ship (one piece) and install. Pre-engineered designs are available in five models to handle air flows up to 21,000 cfm. Our thermal recuperative oxidizers are a proven way to control VOC, air toxic and odor emissions from your process.

Meets compliance. Turner Envirologic thermal recuperative oxidizers are designed to meet destruction/removal efficiency (DRE) requirements of up to and higher than 99%. Special designs are available to meet requirements for low levels of NOX and CO emissions.

Accessible. Designed with access doors (hinged or bolted) to reach internal components of the unit, Turner thermal recuperative oxidizers are easy to inspect and maintain. You save time.

Reliable. Using an ongoing Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) program to assure efficient, long-lasting operation, Turner thermal recuperative oxidizers are designed to meet your specific production demands. Special design features to prevent thermal stress are incorporated for applications where production schedules require frequent unit start ups and shut downs.

Thermally efficient. All five pre-engineered models feature 40%, 60% or 70% primary heat recovery to minimize fuel consumption. Secondary energy recovery is available for process heating to put waste energy to work. You save fuel and money.

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