Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers

Turner Envirologic Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers (RCOs) convert VOC laden industrial exhaust streams into CO2 and water vapor at lower temperatures through the use of a catalyst.

Using a RCO you can achieve destruction/removal efficiencies of 99%+.

Using precious metal catalyst material we can keep the temperature of operation in the 600°F-800°F range thereby emitting less CO and thermal NOx than RTOs.

Regenerative heat exchange canisters contain heat transfer media.

In RCO systems a layer of catalyst is added.

All Turner designs recover 90% to 95% of the available energy.

RCOs are recommended for solvent loadings less than 4% LEL (Lower Explosion Limit)

Turner Envirologic will provide total project responsibility right from emission characterization through to evaluation, system design, fabrication of units, the installation and commissioning.

Key Characteristics – Thermal Catalytic Oxidizer (TCO)

  • 800°F operating temperature

  • Up to 99% destruction efficiencies

  • Up to 95% thermal energy recovery

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Fast-acting, tight-sealing butterfly valves

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