Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

Turner Envirologic Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers — “RTO’s” — and Thermal-Catalytic Oxidizers — “TCO™” — are engineered to convert VOC-laden exhaust streams into CO2 and water. RTOs are even used to burn Carbon Monoxide to convert CO into CO2

Turner Envirologic RTOs and TCOs can achieve destruction efficiency levels of 99%+.

Turner Envirologic provide total project responsibility. From emissions evaluations to assisting in the permit on through to the engineering design, fabrication and installation. We get involved with the whole process right from the beginning up to start-up commissioning and performance testing.

Key Characteristics – Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

  • 1500°F operating temperature

  • Up to 99% destruction efficiencies

  • Up to 95% thermal energy recovery

  • Remote diagnostics using internal modems.

  • Fast-acting and tight-seating poppet or butterfly valves

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