Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems

With today’s demand for peak power generation this necessitates generating plants that are reliable, available on quick notice and meet codes on emission requirements. A critical piece of any peaker unit is the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system.

To ensure low NOx and low CO peakers employ selective catalysts. Turner EnviroLogic’s SCR’s are an economical choice and deliver reliable performance.

High NOx & CO Reductions

To achieve high rates of NOx and CO reduction (up to to 96%) Turner’s designs ensure even distribution of air and gas flow across the catalyst banks and of ammonia across the face of the NOx catalyst. Other keys to the performance is to are accomplished using turning vanes in the transition section downstream of the turbine exhaust to minimize and eliminate turbine exhaust swirl.

Turning vanes are a much more effective solution than perforated plates alone in distributing even air flow, especially when turbine loads are reduced and air volumes are less.

Innovations in Ammonia Distribution

Turner EnviroLogic development of the “H-Header” design for improved ammonia distribution ensures reduced ammonia slip while delivering higher rates of NOx conversion.

The H-Header system is an matrix of header pipes, arrayed with capillary type ammonia distributor ports, spaced across the NOx catalyst bank.

The H-Header system self-balances, therefore not requiring expensive valving or complex balancing procedures to work effectively.

Low Parasitic Load

Turner EnviroLogic’s SCRs save money three ways. 1st fast start up along with low power usage and low pressure drop.

2nd A slip-stream of hot turbine gases pulled from the turbine exhaust is used to vaporize the ammonia eliminating expensive (and maintenance item) electric heaters which also eliminates the electrical cost to operate the electric heaters. Plus the SCR comes on line more quickly

3rd System pressure drop is kept to a minimum through the use of turning vanes saving fan hp energy. Plus each SCR application undergoes extensive computer modeling using CFD technology

Rapid Installation

We shrink wrap each truck load of panels to protect them in transit and at the installation site. Each piece is match marked and bolted together using a proven bolting* method meaning very little welding is necessary.

* The time and cost are reduced with the Turner bolt-together system. We pre-fabricate each panel at the factory (including full insulation/cladding) with stainless steel sheeting to protect the panels.

Industrial Markets

Industrial furnaces or other processes create various levels of NOx. As regulations change your furnace may require an upgrade to remain in environmental compliance

We can design and build SCR’s specifically for your conditions to achieve whatever NOx reduction is being called for.

Industrial units are often smaller than turbine systems. These can be shipped fully assembled for drop-in installations.

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