Thermal Oxidizer Solutions

Turner Envirologic  provides you with customized air pollution control solutions that will meet and most often exceed environmental regulations.

Turner Envirologic’s primary solution for VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) abatement are their industry leading thermal oxidizers. These are used in industrial manufacturing operations to destroy hazardous gases at high temperatures before releasing them to the atmosphere.

Along with the benefits of reduced pollution emissions and a positive effect on your company’s brand reputation, investing in thermal oxidizers from Turner Envirologic can save your business money. Here’s why:

  • Most production equipment create 10% to 50% of unnecessary exhaust. Reducing emissions can give you greater production flexibility and an advantage over your competitors

  • Your business can achieve heat recovery efficiencies up to 99% with Turner Envirologic RTO / TCO Thermal Oxidizers

  • Excess exhaust from your processes costs you $10 to $20 per SCFMin equipment and operating costs

  • A secondary heat recovery, such as a waste heat boiler, can turn an expense into a return on investment for a thermal or catalytic oxidizer

Contact us today¬†if you’re in the market for a custom designed thermal oxidizer / air pollution control system.

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